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This website, www.houseandlotloan.com is a product of need to have a place to share important matters regarding house and lot loan to foreclosed property to RFO units available in the current market in the Philippines by the different and latest active & existing real estate developers.

If you are someone looking to use your house and lot to apply for loan, allow our pages to guide you on where to go and pass your application form. If you are someone who is looking for cheap property whether for investment and business purposes or for personal and family use, we might just have the listing for your budget.

Expect to find us and expect that we will be providing relevant and useful information on the current real estate market from for sale houses and foreclosed property to low cost row house real estate, to available condominiums in prime and cheaper locations in Metro Manila and surrounding provinces.

Occasional business opportunities, jobs and investment possibilities will also be posted here so the Pinoy entrepreneur can come up with new ides to invest in the real estate business of buy and sell or house and lot rental. We will be revealing important factors that has helped influence the current condition of the housing projects made just perfectly for the Pinoy.

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